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We would be delighted to hear of any thoughts or new thinking you may have which you feel could help to address the global crisis that prevails. No idea is a bad idea and many great ideas are born drowning, so please give us what you have, even if some of the thoughts seem a bit whacky or off the wall. It is often just such ideas that prove to be different and therefore able to break new ground. We would really like to engage and exchange ideas with you in line with our vision and mission.

There are a number of new concrete programmes taking place which individuals and/or Organisations could become involved in and contribute to such as:

The Elephant Walk

Nomkhbulwane will be stationed (between ambassadorial assignments!) at the headquarters of the Wilderness Leadership School in the Stainbank Nature Reserve near Durban. The programme involves busing children between the ages of 8 and 12 from local schools into the reserve where they receive a poignant message from the elephant and spend several hours in the reserve with trained guides connecting with nature. The programme will continue in the schools themselves to ensure continuity and will hopefully soon extent beyond KZN, nationally and even globally.

Guardianship programme

As facilitators/catalysts the HEF has already identified a number of worthwhile projects in the ecological and other areas at which we place “ spirit animals” in the Khoisan tradition made of white quartz to signal recognition and to ensure commitment and accountability to such significant projects. Again this programme has national and international scope.

Olifantsfontein White Elephant

  Picture: Lux Themba
Photogragher: Garth Walker


Efforts are afoot to make a movie of the lives of Ian Player and his Zulu mentor Magquba Ntombela based on Player’s book “Zulu Wilderness”. To be shot in the Zululand area, the movie will feature the saving of the white rhino among other things. The idea is to have a strong” make a difference” theme incorporating a number of creative and innovative adjuncts designed to make it much more than just a box office success.

Should you have an interest in helping with any of these programmes please contact us.

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