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Partnerships are sought with organisations and individuals that share a need to make a meaningful contribution to an ailing world.

The Human Elephant Foundation is a South African idea, officially launched in Cape Town on the 12th of March 2009. It is also envisaged that the Foundation will have offices in Europe, America and Asia. These offices will be represented by selected individuals resident in those countries.

Primarily, the Human Elephant Foundation seeks to develop collaborative partnerships as part of an African and global network of energy and creative innovative thought.

SPECIAL THANKS are due to the following in respect of the Wild9 Congress, Merida, Mexico 2009.

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Magqubu Ntombela Foundation
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Ian Player - a voice from the wilderness
Ian Cedric Player (born March 15, 1927) is a South African environmental educator, conservationist, sportsman and activist.

Email: admin@ianplayer.com
Web: www.ianplayer.com/

Amazwi Abesifazane
(Voices of women)

Lillieshall Trust

A charitable family trust set up nearly 70 years ago to help address poverty, support education and in fact further any benevolent cause considered worthy by the Trustees.

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Umthombo - Street Children
An Organisation focussed on addressing the plight of the many street children in our society.
(Section 21 Reg: 2005/000362/08 – Non-Profit Number: 040-513-NPO)

Offices: 2202 The Embassy Building, 199 Smith Street, Durban 4001South Africa
Tel: 031 3379222 Fax: 031 3687632

Email: info@umthombo.org
Web: www.umthombo.org

Wilderness Leadership School
Through the stimulation of a real wilderness experience the School seeks to instil a sense of appreciation for the needs and laws of the natural environment in generations of youthful participants. In 1957 Dr Ian Player, the internationally recognised conservationist, and his Zulu mentor, Magqubu Ntombela, took the first group of students on a wilderness trail that started the magnificent journey that has been the Wilderness Leadership School's legacy to almost 60 000 trailists. Participants from all over the world experience a journey of self-discovery by participating in nature - on foot - in some of the wildest areas of southern Africa. Each trail is said to be a life-changing experience.

The mission of the Wilderness Leadership School is to bring about a realisation of the interdependence of all things, especially between the human and the non-human elements of the earth, through a shift in consciousness by exposing people to a direct experience of wilderness. The Wilderness Leadership School has given rise to various environmental foundations and institutions, not least of which is the World Wilderness Congress - the world's longest running public conservation project. It integrates art, science, management, government, academia, native leaders, youth, corporate leaders and advocates. It is the best-known and most effective global platform for debating and acting on wilderness issues. It convenes every four years in various parts of the world.

At the start of 2013 The Wilderness Leadership School and The Human Elephant Foundation began negotiations to form a Joint Venture to expand the ideals of both organisations by introducing urban children from all social strata to experience time with nature and to become more responsible to their environment in their future lives and those of their families.

Web: www.wildernesstrails.org.za
Contact: Cherryl Curry +27 (0)31 462 8642

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  Picture: Dr Ian Player and friend Mdiceni Gumedi
Photogragher: Andrea Schellner

The Human Elephant Foundation
Audited Tax Exempt Trust

Postal address:
HEF Postnet Suite 345, Private Bag
X10, Musgrave, 4062, South Africa
Website: www.humanelephant.org
Email:    info@humanelephant.org
PBO No: 93000 29207
    Mobilisation of Art and Artists

In view of our strong creative heritage, we intend to bring about a movement whereby artists are requested to use their talents to help draw attention to the crisis being faced.

Our view is that art is a unique and immensely powerful medium for initiating changes in thinking and action, as it operates in a different way from traditional, and particularly commercial, communication vehicles. This rally pertains to all art forms and disciplines (visual arts, dramatic arts, music and so on) where we believe great opportunity exists. You are welcome to play a direct part in this endeavour, and any suggestions as to how best to exploit this would be greatly valued as we are at the beginning stages of this undertaking.


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