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Nomkhubulwane's North American Tour

In typical elephant tradition, Nomkhubulwane will move around the world opening up ancient forgotten paths that link the past to the present. She joins 15 other Human Elephant Foundation elephants who are serving as advocates of a shared visionary movement. At some point in the near future, we hope the whole herd may gather in one place.

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Nomkhubulwane has a particular mandate around issues of ecology and conservation but she is not restricted to this. She will work to remind us that such an idea can never be achieved without acknowledging the importance of inviting each and every human being into this conversation.

Born in Africa, Nomkhubulwane's first international destination was Mexico where she was the centre stage icon of the World Wilderness Congress. From there, she toured as a global ambassador of creative possibilities within the physical world. Her station in life is and remains nomadic.

This great rubber work of art was rapturously received all over the USA with brass bands, dignitaries and hoards of citizens many of whom were children, lining the streets to hear her message of goodwill and hope.

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